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H. Chau

Los Angeles, CA

"I just completed my 4th commercial loan with S1 Commercial Mortgage. The staff is knowledgeable and experienced and helped me get a low rate and great terms. I was happy to know that my Loan Advisor also spoke fluent VIETNAMESE. She took the time to understand my needs and objectives and helped me prepare and organize all my needed documentation. I would definitely recommend S1 Commercial. "

H. Patel

Orange County, CA

"When the time came to refinance my Motel Loan, I didn’t hesitate to call Gary at S1 Commercial. I’ve worked with Gary for years and have closed several Commercial Loans for my Motelproperties. Even when most banks won’t lend on Motels, Gary always seems to find a lender willing and able to lend. I now have several great loans with low interest rates and long term fixed rate terms. Gary always manages to keep the fees and closing costs down to a minimum. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. "

F. Siddiqui

Cypress, CA

"I still cannot believe that I was able to secure a 15 year fixed rate loan for my Carwash but the experts and S1 Commercial put the deal together for me and walked with me from start to finish through the process. I am grateful for all the hard work put in by S1 Commercial. Thank you! "

M. Sayed, DDS

Escondido, CA

"Gary at S1 Commercial is an extremely capable loan broker. When I needed to refinance my Medical Office building I called once again upon Gary. He was able to help me gain long-term fixed rate financing on this building, even though I had several vacancies. He kept searching until he found the right lender for the job and the result is I’m saving thousands of dollars per month in interest savings and I don’t have to worry about rising interest rates. I would highly recommend S1 Commercial to any person seeking help with a commercial loan. "

R. Horvath

Phoenix AZ

"I just refinanced my 3rd Commercial Property with Gary of S1 Commercial. I’m amazed at how fast the process was and I’m extremely happy with my low 15 year fixed rate loan. Even though my building was single tenant (Auto Parts Chain)and the lease term scared most lenders away, Gary was able to find a great deal and closed the loan. Thanks Again!"

A. Patel

Ontario, CA

"I recently purchased an independent motel and needed a good purchase money loan. A friend recommended S1 Commercial as he had closed several loans there. I am glad he told me about S1 Commercial as they really understand the nuances of the MOTEL business. I needed to fund my loan fast as the seller wanted a quick escrow. They were able to fund my loan in 30 days, even though we needed a full commercial appraisal. I got a very good loan, with a very low rate. I would recommend S1 Commercial to my friends and colleagues. "

S. Singh

Santa Ana, CA

"Thanks to S1 Commercial for helping me purchase my 3rdFast Food Restaurant. The staff at S1 Commercial was very helpful and courteous and helped me organize all my financial documents. I was given a competitive loan quote and closed on time and with the rate and terms I expected. I’m extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks again for all the hard work"

K. Teal

Hemet, CA

"S1 Commercial Mortgage is a great place to get a loan. When I needed to refinance my Strip Shopping Center, a Realtor friend of mine referred me to Gary at S1 Commercial. I had some issues that I thought might prevent me from refinancing the loan. Gary walked me through the entire process and helped me document all the issues. He found a lender that wanted my business and made me a great loan offer which I accepted. Even though I was turned down by a few lenders, Gary kept working until he found me a loan. I’m very grateful. "

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